Vancouver Island, Canada

Vancouver Island may not be a continent but it is still overwhelmingly large landmass, which has lots in store for visitors who love the outdoors. Measuring 100 kilometers wide and 500 kilometers long, the island is known for its diverse habitats, wilderness parks, clear coastal waters and traditional communities.

This Canadian island on the Pacific Northwest boasts nice sandy beaches, snow-capped mountain in the distance, huge surfing waves, wineries, mountainous trails and centuries-old rainforests. It is truly a nature lover’s dream come true! At the same time, Vancouver Island also has cosmopolitan cities and sophisticated harbors suited for those who like to travel in style, comfort and modern living.

The island is composed of seven geographic regions, each of which has its unique characteristics. They can all be conveniently accessed through transit networks. The South Vancouver Island area where the province capital of Victoria is located, is the most densely populated. The North Vancouver Island region, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It is remote and least populated, but here, there are many outdoor and recreational opportunities in store for the most adventurous travelers. Central Vancouver Island is home to popular places like Tofino and Nanaimo. The island has two airports; Comox and Victoria that receive year round international and domestic flights. From the city of Vancouver or Seattle, you can easily take the ferry to reach the island.

Once you step foot on Vancouver Island, a plethora of activities will greet you and keep you occupied throughout your stay. For one, the island is packed with so many hiking trails, both going inland or to the coast. You have the option of charting your own hiking adventure or signing up for a walking nature tour. Either way, do not miss the chance to see giant trees in ancient rainforests like the ones at Cathedral Grove.

Other viable hiking destinations include the alpine meadows, sea side tide pools and lakes such as the Spider Lake Provincial Park. If you really would like to get close to the outdoors as possible, you can arrange for wilderness camping and wildlife watching excursions. If you like to keep your adrenaline pumping, activities like kayaking, cycling, rock climbing and ziplining on Vancouver Island will certainly do the trick!

Vancouver Island is home to the First Nation’s people, who have been residing on the island for a thousand years. There are places throughout the island that celebrate their rich heritage. You can visit restored mills, coal mine replicas, museums, heritage homes to learn more about the First Nations people.

The wonderful and compelling 50-acre country estate called Butchart Gardens has become a tourist staple with magnificent flora and fauna and even night fireworks. Make it a priority to visit these gardens – you will not be disappointed. If you adore scenic sandy stretches, organize a trip to the Rathtrevor, Comox and Parksville areas. Here, you can find the Qaulicum Beach, which is also a lovely and quiet small town on the eastern section of Vancouver Island.

Need some souvenirs or gifts? Shop till you drop at Vancouver Island’s big-named retail malls and shops or book a lovely vineyard tour in the countryside. Because of the warm Pacific Ocean currents, Vancouver Island experiences the mildest climate in the country. Although it rains here, most areas of the island do not receive the fury of heavy snowy downpour. But during winter, some sections are still conducive for snowboarding and skiing.

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3 Tips to Travel to Canada When on a Budget

Canada is one of my favorite destinations. To have been there five times in summer and two times in winter, I have developed several tips and found several places that will be useful to those wishing to travel there for the first time. I love Canada for its generous nature but also for the people of this country. They are so welcoming and friendly that we would like them back home.

Car rental

I scrutinized every rental car in Canada because in all my travels there, I rented a car. It is easy to get around and the roads are beautiful. Undoubtedly, if you rent a car there, your best option is Globe Car, a Montreal company that in addition to the lowest price, you have a free GPS included in the rental. The only disadvantage is that they are only renting from Montreal. You will have to look for alternatives for other places in Canada.

Tours and itinerary suggestions

Every time I go to Canada, browse through a site specializes in travel to Canada, Authentik Canada. I am always inspired by their routes before designing my own. Developed by Canadians who travel the country by cycling, this is an ideal way to discover sublime places in the country. You are not obliged to use their service but this can be a great way for you to devise your own route.


The best price is always with Air Transat. The downside is that there are no flights every day because they are charter departures. If you have no constraints, that is fine. There are also special last minutes; available from all airlines, but you will have to be on constant stress. Alternatively all the big airlines should provide you a decent service.

Canada is a great place to visit and you will not regret it. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my article and that you will put it the tips into practice.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traveling

Looking For A Youth Retreat Venue

There are a lot of things that youth or older people should know and a retreat is something that would surely be a great experience to anyone, they could feel relaxed and try different activities in a retreat and it would be great if there would be a proper venue for the event. There are a lot of things that you should consider when you are planning for a retreat so that everyone would be able to have a lot of fun and would also enjoy in their experience, the venue of the retreat should be a place where it would be big enough for everyone to stay in and especially would have accommodations when the people involved would plan to stay overnight or for a couple of days. Children or people who are still young would surely love to go on retreats that is why if you would be having a youth retreat, it is important that you should make sure that the venue that you are going to choose would be able to host events that young people would love like sport activities and other activities where they would be able to enjoy doing themselves or with other people. In our times today, we are able to use the internet in order to look for a place that we could use as a venue for a youth retreat, there would surely be websites of different kinds of venue and it would also be much easier for us to check it out if we are using the internet.

One of the most important things that we should consider when looking for a venue for a youth retreat is the budget that those that would be attending would have, it is important that we should make sure that it would be up to their budget so that they would not have any troubles in participating. It is also important that we should consider the accessibility of the venue where we are having a youth retreat when we are planning on looking for one so that we can make sure that the people who would be joining us on the retreat would not have any troubles in going to the venue. Youth retreats may be able to develop the youth into something more successful and outgoing that is why it would be best to have a venue where they can be comfortable in so that they would be able to have no problems in doing things that they need to do in the retreat.


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3 Deals Tips from Someone With Experience

How to Enjoy a Vacation in Pattaya Thailand

Thailand is one of the big countries of today. It’s really popular with its tourist destinations and this was actually number three in the world. There are in fact some popular destinations that you could find in Thailand that are pricey, however an expensive holiday is going to depend with your choice. The number of choices that are available will also depend with your pre-planning.

If you try to book your flight today and then fly immediately tomorrow, this is going to cost you a lot. This is however unless you will get a last minute deal. If you are ever planning for a vacation in Pattaya in Thailand, you should consider booking in advance as early as two or three months. This is because the price is lower when you book early. The further the date of the booking process, the more airlines you will have available from which you could choose from.

The best time that you may want to consider would be during the off season. This will actually add more to your choices for hotels and will help you to find better deals. There’s actually a difference with the weather at the high and off season in Pattaya. There’s actually many things that you could do in Pattaya. The rains are usually only for short duration and is in fact a relief.

You can in fact book in advance, especially if you have the plans of stopping for several weeks. When you are off season, there’s no problem in extending your stay. There are a lot of things which you can actually do at Pattaya. There actually are fantastic deals for people who actually shops around. The internet actually is a good place where you can in fact shop around. The internet actually is full of agents who actually are waiting for you to hire.

Pattaya likewise have great varieties of food. They in fact have cuisines that are the international level. Also, the prices are lower. In some parts of the globe, Thai food is expensive because their food taste unique and delicious. Good food is not only what they have to offer because there are so many other amazing things that you could visit like the Jomtien beach, the Sanctuary of Truth, the Pattaya Park, the Beach road and so much more. The place however is best known for its beaches because the city is located at the Eastern Gulf of Thailand. When you wish to get away from the stressful workloads, visiting the Nong Nooch tropical botanical garden is the best place to go because it’s a sprawling recreation park which has a lake, orchid nurseries, waterfalls and amazing landscapes.

You surely will enjoy your stay and vacation at Pattaya and you definitely would want to come back again.


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A Simple Plan: Ziplines

Outdoor Adventures in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are lot of outdoor activities that can suit your family and workers. For greater enjoyment it’s nice to embrace outdoor activities. There are diverse activities that are done in the mountainous regions of Pennsylvania.

Wall climbing and zip line has been a thrill to many people who visit these areas. People who are above seven years pay an hourly rate. You can only ride the zip if you climb the wall. There are many routes with varying level of difficulty. There is length of 360′ for each zip.

The high ropes and zap line or the otherwise referred to as aerial adventure is another activity. There are companies which offer a minimum of 4hour program. The length of the zip line which runs from tree to tree is 50′. It is only taken by participants who are above 12 years of age.

The zorb ball package runs up from one hour and above. As the family or friends roll, you continue to enjoy running or soccer. It is a game in which kids and adults both taken fun in. Participants less than seven years don’t play.

Do you love shooting more than anything else. Do you like the way action players do their stuff? Then, your game is trap shooting. Even if you have never used a gun, someone will train you how to use it. It involves use of ammunition and guns. You must have attained an age of 12 years for you take part.

For you to participate in mountain boarding, you must be wiling to spend above 1.5 hours in it. In this sport, you can explore the mountain side at your leisure. The horseback riding is a sport for everyone who is above 10 years of age. There is the ring ride, ground lesson and trail ride. Each player must posses closed toed shoes and long pants.

If you would wish to participate in the target sports, there is the sling shots, BBs and archery. Players must be above seven years. Exploring the blue marsh lake is the package for those who love sail;ing. All participants must be confident in deep water and should be twelve years of age. The program can handle to a maximum of seven participants at a go. There is a brief session for canoeing and guided paddling. There is guide to the islands of the blue marsh lake.

There is kayaking done for two to four hours in the blue marsh lake. The participants must be above 10 years and is a guided session. Team building activities for families and colleagues are essential. The teambuilding exercise are possible during outdoor events.


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22 Lessons Learned: Traveling

Some Exciting Activities in Pattaya, Thailand.

Bangkok is different from Pattaya, Thailand although it just lies only two hours from southeast of the capital. Even though Pattaya, Thailand is more laid back, it is a beach on the city. The city is more laid back when it comes to liveliness, nightlife, and other things that you can see or do. Depending on who you are and what you are ready to see Pattaya will be an interesting question to ask. Some of the things that you should do in Pattaya, Thailand, include the following.

One of the best activities that you can never miss in Pattaya, Thailand is the Muay Thai Boxing. Watching a Muay Thai Boxing match is one of the greatest activity you can carry out in Pattaya. The boxing matches are carried out on weekly basis if not on daily basis. In Pattaya, Thailand, Muay Thai Boxing is one of the popular matches. You can ask around or enquire from the hotel you are staying on where to find the match if you are interested in watching it. The hotel will direct you to where the matches are carried out and even offer you transport services to the match and back to the hotel. If you can afford to pay a 4-4.5 star hotel for 60-80 dollars, spending your time in these hotel is one activity you can never miss. You should book a hotel that is strategically located because you will enjoy the best viewing points, great amenities, pools and everything else at a greater price. If you are on a vacation with your family it is worth paying the dollars because you will have so much to enjoy.

When you are in Pattaya Thailand, Walking street is another activity you should consider carrying out. You can check the nightlife of Pattaya, Thailand on the walking street. Activities in Pattaya, Thailand are carried out 24/7 as compared to Bangkok where businesses are closed at 2.00 am There are so many little bars in Pattaya Thailand where you can enjoy the nightlife that suits you. In the Walking street you will find all sort of people from different cultures and different tourists from all over the world that is why it is a famous walking street. If you have children the best place to visit is the art in paradise. In the museum you will find optical illusions and amazing arts. Floating the market is another exciting place you should visit. The floating market is found both in Pattaya and in Bangkok and there are so many activities in the market. When you are in Pattaya, Thailand you should visit the beach and the island that surrounds it. These are some of the best places to visit if you are in Pattaya, Thailand for the first time.


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The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Traveling

How To Have A Great Stay When Visiting Pattaya Thailand.

In Thailand, Pattaya has to be the area that has multitudes of people flocking in every now and then. You will have to consider this as the best place to be when it comes to holiday destinations whether with friends or even family. The main reason why it is the most loved of all destinations is the fact that it has so many tourist attraction sites which make it the most loved among all. In order to make your visit a memorable one in Pattaya you will need to consider a number of these given factors in mind.

Pattaya has been known to be the most lively part of the world where people do not differentiate between day and night. You will happen to find that business is ever booming in this case. For those who love partying the place is known to have the greatest nightlife in the whole world. You will find that business in such a case will be able to be pushed to a different level when considering the tourism industry. It will be important to consider that Pattaya will be a place that many people will be able to interact with one another and therefore this has been known as a socioeconomic business center.

An open zoo is present in the city where people get to have a free interaction with animals. There are so many tiger zoos available which in turn attracts so many people to go and see. There are so many people who would love to know more about the Thai culture and in such a case then they flock the cultural centers where so much is displayed. You will happen to find so many people who are interested in learning so much about the Thai culture in such a case then they all come here to get the information. It will be important to know that Pattaya will be a great place where mixed religions are found and one can visit the great temple or even the Buddhist monasteries around. You will find that Pattaya is one of the places that will always offer people a way to enjoy themselves since the places are so many and they offer great places in such a case.

The other thing is that Thai food is loved by so many and with that one is able to enjoy the delicacies from the many available restaurants. There are special restaurants that serve the local foods for the people who are interested in tasting the original dishes. With Thai food, you will find that foods are known for the spicy taste.

Pattayas closeness to the main airport makes it even more loved by people. We have the families that travel in many together and you will find that this makes it possible for them to settle down quickly.


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Why No One Talks About Traveling Anymore

Ways of Travelling To and In Mexico

If you want to go to Mexico to see the many beautiful resorts and tourist attractions then the most common way to go is by taking a flight. It is easy to go to different cities in Mexico because there are many US airlines that offer non-stop or direct flights there. You can book your flight with the help of a travel agent or you can simply go online and book a flight yourself. If you do your homework you will find that there is a tremendous variety in prices of air fare. If you book way ahead you can sometimes chance upon a good deal which gives you a bargain price. Deciding to travel right away or in a week or two can sometimes get you very good prices. You should book your flight on an American or a Mexican airline.

Charter flights can offer rock bottom prices at times. On charter flights, however, it is possible for a charter operator to cancel a flight if there are a very few passengers in it and he can do this up to ten days before the flight. And, if you have already made a reservation, it may not be possible to cancel it.

You get a good value if you combine air fare with a hotel package. You don’t have to stay in a well known hotel. Today, it is easy to choose your accommodation by simply doing an online search for the best possible accommodation while in Mexico. Cancun, Acapulco, and Ixtapa are just some of the destinations where you can get great package deals on.

A guided tour would also be wonderful because you can get to see more cities and you will have hotel and transportation included. This is a good one for those who have not explored Mexico or for those who speak little or no Spanish.

Taking a cruise to Mexico is a wonderful vacation treat, and they leave both coasts of the US and vary in how long they last. The shorter cruises can be very economical. Compared to other vacation choices, cruises will comply give you a taste of Mexico, but that might be just the things to whet your appetite.

If you want to go between cities, Mexico has an incredibly good network of buses. The deluxe of first class buses are the easy choice of most tourists preferring this because of the conveniences like movies, nice seats, rest rooms ,and a good schedule with many daily departures.

Driving conditions in Mexico vary considerably form one Mexican highway to another. Sometimes traffic is slow but if you want to experience light traffic you can use the expensive toll roads. It is not wise to drive between Mexican cities at night. There are some tales of robberies, but more common hazards include livestock lying on the road and vehicles driving without good headlights.


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Questions About Traveling You Must Know the Answers To

Guide to Finding Cheap Flights When You Travel

Are you planning to go on a trip but find it difficult to manage your budget?

If you are short on budget but your just need to take that trip there is no need to feel discouraged or disappointed. If you follow a few simple tips you can always book some cheap flights. Below are some ways in which you can always manage to get the cheapest flights.

One of the ways to get the cheapest flight rates is to book well in advance.

One way to get the cheapest flights is by booking your flight way earlier than your departure date. 3 months prior to your departure, you should already be looking for flights. In this way, you will always be able to find affordable flights. Once you have a fixed date for your travel, then that is the time you start looking for cheap flights. You will save some of your money with these great deals.

Collecting air miles or points can save you money.

Develop a habit of travelling with a company that gives you many air miles or points every time you travel. If you have collected enough air miles or points, then you will be eligible for a free ticket. There are many travel agents or booking portals which have such exclusive offers for their loyal customer.

Buying late also has its advantages.

Earlier we stressed the fact that early bird purchases are cheap and you might be wondering why buy late? Sometimes airline owners give away the left over tickets for a lot less than the original price. Sometimes airline companies have last minute announcements on ticket prices and you can find these online or in social media. You might be able to take advantage of low prices just before flying out.

You should be able to change your date on short notice.

In many travel portals, there are different rates for different dates. Sometimes you notice that the price for weekend flight re more expensive than weekday ones. If you have flexible dates, then you can change your flight to a weekday and get the lower rate flights. IF it is a peak travel season like Christmas and New year, airfare could possibly be higher. During Christmas and New Year there is a high volume of people travelling or going home for the holidays, and if you are hoping to get a cheap ticket, it might be impossible because you might not even be able to buy any ticket at all.

If you want to save on airfare the next time you travel, consider the tips given above.

You don’t really need to spend a lot of money on airfare, but you need to do your homework and start early.


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Learning The “Secrets” of Trips

Hints on What Entails Pattaya Travel

It is most likely not to survive without holidays in our life. It is obvious for students to be given holidays at the end of their term. It is likely for employees to be given off-days from their work-places. Holidays have a lot of advantages. We usually make our minds to be relaxed on holidays. Our body and mind are at risk of becoming tired. We usually, visit our friends on holidays. We are always busy in our works thus this may be a high time to visit our friends. We usually, unite with our friends on holidays. This often creates unity and love in our families. We can also have new businesses during holidays. Each and everyone has their plan on their vacation. Holidays may allow us to move away from our homes. Two factors may inhibit or encourage us from moving away from our homes. Availability of resources and new opportunities are factors that may make us move to various places. It is obvious for us to postpone our journey to various places due to lack of finance. New opportunities like festivals can make us move away from our homes.

It has been noted for holidays to make people tourists. Tourists are people who travel to various places basically for fun. It has been known for tourists to spend days, weeks, and months in their destinations. Tourists usually plan well for their tour to different places. Expect the world to have many tourist attraction sites. Visits to various attraction sites is dependent on tourists. Pattaya tourist attraction site has been known in the whole world. Expect to find Pattaya in Thailand. Thousands of visitors visit this place each and every year. It is obvious to travel in many places and engage in a lot of activities while in Pattaya. Pattaya has a couple of islands. It is most likely to travel by boat to various islands in this place. While on a boat, you can view clean water in these islands which you can desire to take a bath. You can visit submarine environment where you can get fascinated. It is possible to look at the coral reefs and different species of fishes while ferrying on the sea. You can also become a diver to view the ocean fauna. Fun sites are places you cannot miss. Count yourself engaging in activities like gun shooting, airplane flights, and driving at fun sites.

Elephant village can as well bring to your happiness. You can trek through the jungle by riding on a trained elephant. It is advisable to consider some factors when traveling to this place. It is advisable to make a budget on your tour. It is obvious for your budget to entail the likely expenses in such a tour. Duration of your tour should be in your mind. Expect to get various places and activities to engage in through an online search.


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