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Various Ways to Charter a Yacht

Yacht charter is a practical way for you to go sailing if you do not own a boat, and also for those who own a boat and would prefer to sail and tray a different yacht.

Because of the economic difficulties today, people are finding yacht charter a reasonable option to go and enjoy sailing. With yacht charter, you evade financial outflow, not to mention the maintenance costs and mooring fees.

The cost per person when chartering a yacht is similar when you are booked in a hotel, and normally we do not know this, but for the adventurous spirit, the cost of chartering a yacht offers more flexibility and participation in the activity.

To charter a yacht, there is a high standard to comply regarding safety and equipment requirements compared to having a privately owned yacht.

In chartering a yacht, you do not need to buy special sailing clothes or boating equipment as these are normally included in the cost of in chartering the yacht. It is advisable though that you ask if these things are provided for in the price or not.

Yacht charter companies accommodate both novice boaters to be who have not experienced riding a yacht, and to the experienced yachtsmen who exactly know what they are looking for in a yacht. Know that yacht charter companies offer various types of yachts from the small 20 foot racers up to the luxury yacht that is over 100 foot.

Here are some ways on how to organize a charter yacht.

One way is through bare boat charter where the charterers will have their own set of qualified crew. This alternative is for groups or families who are going on holidays and they are experienced sailors.

The next method is having a lead skipper to be in charge of the boat, and this method is called flotilla sailing, and the charterer although with little experience, will have the skipper responsible for the itinerary of the flotilla, in the anchorages, moorings at night and where to go and look at the sea area.

Chartering a yacht can be also through what is called skippered yacht charter. With this way of yachting, the yacht charter company will provide the experienced skipper and the charterer has his own crew and the skipper will just help with the sailing.

The next way to charter is called crewed yacht charter. With this system, an experienced skipper, a crew and they look after the charterers, are supplied by the yacht charter company. Large luxury yachts are usually used in this way of chartering, and often a hostess and staff to pamper the visitors are included.

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